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About the School

With the Mandinka Heritage school we try to continue the tradition of teaching of Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, the father of the schools founder Sanjally Jobarteh.

From Sanjally was a child, there were always international students living in the family compound learning kora from Amadou bansang Jobarteh.

Mandinka Heritage Music School will continue this, but we call it a music school. Before it was called a jally Kunda ( home of musicians)

Intead of studying for some hours at a school, we, as it traditionally was done, invite students to come here and live and study with us. You can study the Mandinka instruments : kora,ballofon or djembe, or you can bring your own music instrument and jam with us.

We hope that many international students will come. We will like to play with you and teach you our music.

Do you want to come? Use our contact form.

The school has several rooms with toilet and shower.

Remi Fox lived and learned to play kora in the compound in Kembuje for a month before recording this and writing on You tube about his stay:

Publisert 18. mar. 2016



Can you support the school. Developement, new instruments and music equipement and to be able to pay our teachers/musicians. Thank you in advance.